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My name is Nick Willcox, I have been breeding ornamental pheasants and waterfowl since the age of 12.  Starting with a pair of Melanistc pheasants from Joe Copsey at the Priory Waterfowl Farm, Ixworth.  I still have the same bloodline to this day some 35 years later!


Joe Copsey pictured with 1 years offspring from a pair of Black Necked Swans, the 4 in the distance are the 1st clutch and the 2 behind the parents are the 2nd clutch.

Joe was always willing to suggest the correct way to do things although he was the first to admit he didn't always carry out these practices himself!

I was fortunate enough to work with Joe for a number of years, in which his enthusiasm for aviculture was very infectious and my collection is now well established and increasing yearly -

"I will just build a few more pens and that's it" is the yearly mantra!

Brown Eared Chicks with 'Mum'

Pheasants UK is based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.  We are surrounded by countryside and more countryside! 

I breed many species of pheasant along with waterfowl & some poultry.  I can supply most types of pheasant, if not bred myself then bred in the UK by fellow enthusiasts.

All my birds are hatched and reared under surrogate broody bantams which seems to me to be the most successful method.